NK media & consulting

NK media & consulting is a creative agency located in Baltimore, Maryland. We are focused on growing businesses and brands through creative media, consulting and production services including photography, videography, web development and more. 

We work with our clients to create digital content and copy that aligns with their brand and mission. Our work is catered to our clients' needs, and we use our combined corporate and creative experience to help businesses achieve their project goals. Our talented team offers expertise for specific projects and mediums, and together, we create content that is interesting, unique and inspires action. Every project our team works on becomes something we are excited and proud to share. 

Our team is made up of talented and experienced videographers, photographers, producers, musicians, designers, and web developers who ensure that our clients get a thoughtful, strategic, polished and creative product. We have created unique projects with small and large businesses across various industries as well as with bands, artists, and other creators.

We believe we offer our clients a unique value - a team full of creative minds with an analytical and thoughtful approach.

We are always interested in working collaboratively with top talent and people that could use our help. If you would like to do something cool together, please get in touch.